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about c&w

Coffee and woodsmoke was born on a spring day as a place for me to channel my creative passions including food, photography, and creative writing. The name captures the essence of things I love, things evocative and resonant and that transport me to a place of contentment.


In my blog and on my Instagram feed I feature dishes that are nourishing, beautiful, and delicious. All of my culinary creations are gluten free and many of them are vegetarian. I also share landscape and wildlife photography that transports viewers to wild and beautiful places, as well as creative writing that taps into my love for nature and all of its inhabitants.​

about me

My name is Kristin and I live in the state of Montana at the gateway to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The land is wild and rugged. Wolves and grizzly bears make their home here, and many of us who live alongside them spend as much time as possible exploring the great outdoors. We hike and camp in summer, ski and sled in the winter. Many people fish, hunt, and forage for their food. We also have a vibrant year-round farmers market (climate notwithstanding!). 


I am a contributor to Thrive magazine, The Supper Club magazine, and I have worked with clients including The Teff Company, Barebones Living, California Brittle Co., and Bee Seasonal Honey. My photography has been featured on Instagram accounts including Cascadian Farm, Driscoll's Berry, Mantra Magazine, Crow Canyon Home, Maple Hill Farm, and Rose Dose. I would love to work with you on sponsored content, content creation, recipe development, brand ambassadorship, photography, and other partnerships. Please contact me with inquiries!

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