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Things I Love

I’ve thought about starting a blog, on and off, for years now.  A couple of things really inspired me to jump in: the re-entry into the blog world of my friend Katherine; my seeming addiction to cookbooks and food-related websites and blogs (Food52, I’m talking to you); and, perhaps most of all, coming up with the name of this blog.  The name bubbled up a few months ago when I was listening to my all-time favorite singer-songwriter, Jeffrey Foucault, sing a little tune of his called Tea and Tobacco.  I asked myself, what two such things would I string together to capture the essence of what I love?  Things that are evocative and resonant and transport me to a place of peace and contentment and happiness?  And immediately these two came to me: coffee and woodsmoke.

This blog is about coffee and woodsmoke.  It’s about food and friends, gardening and wilderness, art and music, all creatures great and small.  It’s about life in Montana, under the big sky and in the presence of the Northern Rockies.  It’s about things I love.

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